FBA Reimbursement

FBA Inventory Reimbursement Process

A unique situation arises that has everything to do with customer returns and chargebacks. Businesses and entrepreneurs cannot afford to ignore this aspect of their business. Ideabright helps address complaints, products related issues and returns either by customer or Amazon. It is rare and cumbersome not to mention tedious hard work to handle all this in-house. We advise outsourcing your Reimbursement services for amazon to ideabright.

We at Ideabright help you review sales, orders and buyer messages from all your marketplaces in one place.

Businesses and entrepreneurs wanting to start global selling should set up an international seller central account for amazon or an vendor central account for amazon. Ideabright will help walk through the whole process of achieving high levels of global selling.

Best Vendor Central for Amazon

Take a look at this.

Amazon has reporting and remittance cycles that can hide fines and repayments from Vendor-sellers. Amazon usually owes 30% or more revenue of all transactions in monetary dues to sellers. Many Businesses and entrepreneurs may not be aware of this significant figure.

Ideabright helps Amazon Vendor-sellers to recover monies from error-full chargebacks. Some the categories where Amazon has consistently tasked Vendor-sellers with chargebacks are as under.

  • Prep (Packing bag, Bubble Wrapping on outside, Taping incorrectly)
  • Issues with accurate carton contents
  • Accuracy regarding their ASNs
  • POs they have rejected erroneously
  • Absence of labels on cartons or packages
  • Missed on-time PO fulfilment
FBA Reimbursement

Ideabright Says

There are plenty of discounts that Amazon offers.
They offer discounts not only to consumers but also to their Vendor-sellers business partners.
Amazon deducts 2% on invoices paid within 30 days.
Most Businesses and entrepreneurs are unaware or do not put checks to confirm this.
Ideabright helps clients reclaim funds for all those payment settlements that took place beyond 30 day
This is also an area where we work together to recover lost funds.

Why Choose Us

Ideabright process of Recovery

There is a whole big team of accountants, data specialists and analytic experts working at Ideabright. Selected candidates dedicate themselves to investigate individual client cases and history of transactions with Amazon.

Damage to units shipped to Amazon fulfilment center.

You can catch failed shipping not reaching Amazon center. But you need professional help when it comes to pinpoint damaged or lost units in the warehouse itself.

File claim for lost units

Ideabright reconciles client reports with that of Amazon Vendor or Amazon Seller Central. There are several differences monthly that can be resolved for reimbursement.

Amazon Mishandling Of Refunds and Returns

Customers receive the refund for item even though they do not return it. Amazon is fully responsible. You can claim reimbursements for units missing in your account within date.

It would be best if you have us for the successful implementation of recovery solutions across all your marketplaces/ecommerce portals.