Inventory Management

Amazon is the largest global online seller platform. Amazon rewards sellers practicing good inventory management. Amazon makes you the winner when a customer clicks ‘add to cart’ by showing their buy box. A good inventory makes you eligible and shows your name in the buy box – your products get added to the cart instantly. As simple as that!

Ace the reward system with good inventory management. Boost sales and profits multiple times.

Ideabright makes it possible even for those who think it is impossible. Rise above other Vendor-sellers as well as competitors with something as basic as maintaining a good inventory. Remember, an item in stock is as good as ‘added to cart’ for customer’s final checkout.

Inventory planning is not at all difficult. At least not as difficult as it is made out to be. Anyone can minimize out of stock rates with good organizing abilities. But you need expertise to create and maintain sustainability. Ideabright team of professional experts streamlines your inventory management process.

good inventory management

A good inventory management system is necessary for:

  • Remarkable customer services
  • Fulfil Amazon’s seller policies with a proven track record
  • Hassle free excellence in customer reviews and feedback
  • Amazon must acknowledge profits through seller

Ideabright dedicated professionals keep track of stock levels, monitor current status to synchronize quantities. We update Businesses and entrepreneurs on their selling on ecommerce digital platforms consistently. Our reports highlight current and expected levels of popular products as well as those of out of stock items. We not only flag low inventory levels but follow up with our clients on appropriate action taken. We try to avoid oversights and negligence on all fronts.

Ideabright Checks inventory issues like stranded, removed due to any issue etc. It is not at all surprising to note that items go missing due to many factors. Apart from being stranded in transit or removed, the item is simply not returned to its rightful place. Your inventory misses an item when customers return it and it goes somewhere else. It remains out of count as far as your FBA account is concerned.

good inventory management system

But running out of stock can have serious consequences:

Lost sales impact products listing critically.
Affect sales negatively in future.
Long term diminishing revenues.
Lower products ranking.
Absence of customer reviews.
Lack of latest products.

Why Choose Us

Ideabright helps you win the ‘BUY BOX’

Winning the buy box gets professional sellers on Amazon the sale every time a customer clicks on your products’ online presentation. A good team of professional experts manages inventory for smooth sales. helps you become an excellent professional seller and stand out from the crowd in sales performance.

Ideabright Inventory Dashboard

A simple and quick Growth Focus A popular concept of converting pure energy of the cosmos into material gains is form, focus and flow. Ideabright helps its clients focus on growth. Did you know Amazon provides a peek into its inventory dashboard 24/7 for all its eligible Vendor- sellers?

Order and Inventory management go hand in hand

Ideabright begins by keeping track of, and checking depleting stocks before and after peak sales. We run a product catalogue management services for superior control over stock availability. Our team of sales and virtual assistants present updates continuously.

Ideabright helps avoid Consequences

Our team is trained to identify shortfalls and negligence. Efficient inventory management is necessary for maintaining stocks for smooth flow of sales. However, good inventory management is more than just counting articles and listing quantities.Demand driven sales and cash flow results from ranking at the top of Amazon products search engine.

It would be best if you have us for the successful implementation of recovery solutions across all your marketplaces/ecommerce portals.