Vendor Services for Amazon

IdeaBright Amazon Vendor Central Management

CONGRATULATIONS! … You have already made it to Vendor Central for Amazon. Doubtless you are identified as a good fit. Amazon only invites companies to vendor central upon careful scrutiny. You are one of the select few who stand out from countless brands retailing on Seller Platform for Amazon.

Making it to the largest ecommerce marketplace means sharp knowledge and experience for sustainability. Sure, you have handed over the controls to Amazon for your products’ retail pricings to avail the ‘sold by Amazon’ benefits. Moreover, it is understandable if you are having the jitters every now and then. Here’s the balm: you can contribute to optimizing your product sales, get assistance with chargebacks and manage critical advertising campaigns from your end.

Amazon Vendor Services

Why choose us

Optimizing your Amazon sales channel for increased sales potential is our business! Granted, Amazon handles the sales process. That’s important for your brand to gain consumer confidence. For a business to succeed on Amazon we research and analyse both you and your competition. We can align your sales system with that of Amazon’s. You get a unique strategy to fit your product needs among all other competitors. We work with you to maximize potentials.

Vendor Services for Amazon

We offer expertise in the following

Catalog Management

Aggregates and manages detailed product and catalog data across multiple divisions, enterprises and participants.

Maintenance Services

For streamlining inventory planning, monitoring and chargebacks.

Optimize product content

Through apt and suitable copywriting. We make consumers notice your product with target audience specific keywords.

Management Consultancy

Becomes necessary for taking care of reviews and ratings, managing cases and hybridizing strategy.

In addition to these

Services, we will register and protect brands from other imposters, provide necessary A+ Content support and streamline shipping management comprehensively.

Invoice and Accounting Management

Ideabright can increase your sales because we figure out causes and lapses. We increase Vendor presence on Amazon through improved listings.

Case Logs/Dispute Management

Idea Bright services for Amazon jet-propels your refund on Amazon chargebacks. Our clients prefer to have a team of specialized experts do research and investigations.

Complete and Effective Order Management

Ideabright is strategically placed to help new clients set up an Vendor account for Amazon as well as ensure correct products detail done by A+ content.

Complete Shipment Management

Ideabright provides Vendor central management services for Amazon across the world to manage complex store inventory, order processing, handling shipments, tracking orders online etc.

Ideabright Amazon Vendor Support

Account Growth and Overall Business Development

Business innovation is all about bringing about small changes a little at a time. this means a lot of new items being introduced on an on-going basis. No headache – our dedicated expert is right here for whatever is needed.

Optimize Amazon A9 products search algorithm to your products listings

Ideabright optimizes your product detail, type, size, features, and category for accuracy that facilitates appearance at top of the search list.

Comprehensive management of Vendor Central account

Stressed over your back-office tasks? Ideabright takes on order entry, handling and processing, invoice processing, shipment tracking, and handling returns.

Manage Inventory

Streamlining inventory means taking the demand-driven business approach. In order to achieve this Ideabright applies strict attention to inventory movement, replenishment, orders, communications, and optimum logistics for shipping as well as order fulfilment.

A+ content creation and Amazon Retail Analytics (ARA)

Ideabright makes your product page enhanced and attractive for increasing user interaction. In addition to this SEO content optimization makes you rank higher on Amazon SERPs.

Boost your Revenue

Ideabright becomes your offshore partner so you can hand us over all your hassles. Ideabright aims to increase revenue for manufacturers as well as suppliers. We optimize your products distribution across the world.

It would be best if you have us for the successful implementation of recovery solutions across all your marketplaces/ecommerce portals.