Testimonials 1

Within a short span of 3 months, ideabright has expanded my business. They are helpful, and their overall approach is very logical and data-driven, which is very important when they are managing a huge account management, account recovery, and seller center all the time.

— Enzo W Christina

The Ideabright Amazon team’s have grown my business up to 10x using the facilities provided on the Amazon platform.

— Mathias N. Clara

Amazing team. He has highly skilled and knows the development, changes, and strategies happening in Amazon Marketing.

— Ethan N. Walker

The Ideabright team has delivered skyrocket ROIs in Amazon marketing all the time. His strategy-first approach to marketing meshes very well with the increasingly complex Amazon marketing algorithms and has helped the business grow in a short period.

— Oliver Crook

Very professional, productive and enthusiastic team. Special thanks to Mr. Vikram Banker for his quick response and provided the best services. They helped me to find incorrect Amazon charges of around $30k and we get it back within a week.

— Victor Grustas

I’ve worked with the Ideabright team to improve my visibility and sales on Amazon. They provided Full Channel Amazon Management Services which has freed up my time to work on other business activities of Amazon. I am very pleased with the results thus far and would recommend the Ideabright team.

— Crystal Bierman
Chairman, Bluewater Corp

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